Dr. Andrew Rochman Upgrades Pain Healers Alliance with Major Foundations for all Long Islanders - including Pets!

Feb. 15, 2019, Dr. Andrew Rochman, founder & medical publisher of the web-based public resource ModernPainRelief.com and MPR-TV kickstarts the year by bridging new partnerships with a prominent list of foundations as part of his "helping hand for Long Island crusaders."

Originally designed in 2014 as an awareness forum about the overuse of pain meds, Modern Pain Relief evolved into a professional caregivers network, a podcast review of all pain therapies, a quarterly newsletter for the diagnostic and treatment professionals and now, a resource for pain-related fundraisers.  With additional support from Dr. Robert Bard (“Get Checked Now!” program) of the AngioFoundation and Jennifer Hunt of AwarenessforaCure.org and LI2DAY, Dr. Rochman expands his mission to reach the Long Island community's pain sufferers & its many local healers.

His first organization that he has consistently volunteered medical services for the past ten+ years is Blanca’s House- a Long Island based international provider of free medical care in needy communities to improve the quality of lives of people whose access to healthcare is minimal or does not exist.  Returning and first-time volunteers have provided medical and dental services for approximately 4,500 people in Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Dominical Republic and Honduras. He states, "It's great to witness, firsthand, the miracles, benefits, and medical innovations that arise through fundraising and the effect it all has on the patient community!"

This year, Dr. Rochman is extending support to a wide list of non-profit aid groups that align with his 'Pain Healer's Alliance’ charter.  This includes groups like LI2DAY- a local fundraising group for  cancer cases through annual 5K runs to raise support for Long Island cancer cases.  “Working with Dr. Rochman’s awareness program is a big part of patient advocacy and public education”, states Jennifer Hunt. “- it’s about reaching out to the public- connecting with other doctors, other foundations and patients or what we call “survivors”.   The Pain Healer's Alliance hopes to bring more understanding of these life-disrupting disorders while aiding in these foundations' fundraising efforts through social media distribution and public awareness seminars.

Dr. Rochman also connected with veterinarian Dr. Lynda Loudon and her 'Healing Haven Animal Foundation', carving a completely new membership category in the Pain Healers Alliance to include the support of our furry family members. As the first of its kind, her fund provides financial assistance to those who need urgent medical care for their pets or to homeless animals without guardians.  "I applaud Dr. Rochman for including Healing Haven Animal Foundation in his alliance with Long Island health orgs.  Public funding is also very important for pet owners in need of financial assistance in order to provide urgent veterinary care for their beloved pets.  Pain management is also an important topic to bring to light in the veterinary community.   Pain methods provided for animals are often inadequate therefore it is important to afford owners the knowledge to ensure their pet receives the proper pain control when necessary." Additionally, talks of a partnership between the two doctors about the use of Stem Cell Therapy (one of Dr. Rochman's specialized treatment modalities) for animals is still in the works and may be made official sometime mid-year.

Dr. Rochman defined his commitment to public education in two segments; advance the public's understanding about the many common health disorders plaguing our society, then offer the results of smart research about ALL available treatment options that empowers the public's ability to choose.   It is this mission to protect the patient's access to treatment options that led him to join 'My Cells, My Choice'- a national advocacy and patient rights group for the protection against government regulations and restrictions of cellular regenerative and genetic sciences.  Founded as a Florida-based org, Dr. Rochman was recently elected as a clinical board member, providing him the platform to build the Long Island branch.  As a fellow advocate of the org’s doctrine of “Health Freedom”, Dr. Rochman has always promoted similar philosophies about supporting the patient’s complete access to ALL treatment modalities –  “let it be the disciplines of pharmacology, allopathy, holistic health, naturopathy, integrative or alternative treatments… today’s patient gets enough information about these modalities to allow them to make up their own mind!”- says Dr. Rochman.

In the months ahead, he plans on uniting fellow medical professionals to launch a series of public awareness efforts and launch an educational series on the wide range of health innovations that address pain, trauma and physical injuries.

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